Project Dhandu🌱

Project Dhandu🌱


Project dhandu is an idea I really wanted to try out a long time ago But never took the time to work on it. During this quarantine, I had a lot of free time so I thought why not try it out and make this project work.

So the idea is to have soil moisture and a pump in a mini farm to monitor the well being of the plant and automatically water it when a certain threshold is reached in the soil moisture sensor. Also to monitor some more sensor data like temperature, humidity, methane, Co2, and also light intensity. And to make a dashboard to connect everything with a nice User Interface. Also to have a separate control tab to control the pumps manually.

I started researching ideas about how I can send these data back to an application to store. The first attempt was using WebSockets but it didn’t quite work the way I wanted And also it took more time for javascript to be able to hook to nodemcu WebSockets. But I did achieve realtime data transfer between two and data was coming in really fast. The problem was storing these data.

Later on during the development, I switched to a more traditional approach of having a backend API and making the nodemcu send a post request with the selected sensor data, and that stores the data from the backend using MySQL database. The benefit of storing the data this way was having the ability to generate a time-series for each sensor. which led to the addition of graphs into the application.

Technologies used

  • Laravel(Back-end API and Front-end dashboard)
  • Tailwindcss(For styling the application)
  • NodeMCU (Brain of the whole operation)
  • DHT11 Sensor(Temperature and humidity sensor)
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • MQ-4 Sensor(Methane gas sensor)
  • MQ-9 Sensor(Carbon monoxide sensor)
  • LDR(To collect the amount of sunlight)

Connecting everything together


On going project…………. there is more