I'm Mohamed Jinas,

Full Stack Software Developer, Science Lover, Electronic Hobbyist

This is my personal website mainly to record my studies, research, experiments and other interesting things I come across. I just love writing things :)


Updated: 1 week ago — 2 minute read

Sentiment Analysis Implementation

Updated: 1 month ago — 1 minute read

CSS Sunday's

Trying to improve my CSS skill.

Updated: 2 months ago — 1 minute read

Livewire with nice select

Quick Fix for working with third-party plugins and tools with livewire

Updated: 2 months ago — 1 minute read

Sentiment Analysis 101

Updated: 3 months ago — 4 minute read

Aggregate Cheapest Products From Online Shops In Maldives

How can I find the cheapest bread in maldives? Here is how I did it.

Updated: 3 months ago — 2 minute read

Component Driven Development With Livewire

Recent Update about my life. I started switching from the Vuejs components to Livewire components.

Updated: 4 months ago — 4 minute read

Building a Chainable Collection

How can you build a chainable collection with a fluent API ? Here is how

Updated: 4 months ago — 1 minute read

ISO-3166 PHP

Simple PHP Library I wrote to lookup information with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3, and ISO 3166-1 numeric.