Adding Telegram Instant View to Writemv

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What is Instant View?

Instant View is a Telegram feature, which allows users to read articles with ~zero pageload time. This is achieved by caching pages on Telegram servers — without ads, styles and JavaScript.

How does Instant View works

Template — list of rules which tells Telegram server what it must to save and what to remove. Criteria for a good and perfect Template on official site:

Good Template

Perfect Template

To improve the reading experience at I wanted to make a telegram instant view for it. Instead of making a dedicated template. I decided to go with the medium style template.

Here is how I did it.

For this one we will use medium style template so once Telegram think your page based on Medium blog platform — it will automatically try to parse it. And if your pages have standard HTML markup — your site will get Instant View You can mimic a Medium page in 2 steps:

⁠1. Add this meta tag in <head>:

1<meta data-rh\="true" property\="al:android:app\_name" content\="Medium" />

⁠2. Add (if doesn’t exist) this meta tag:

1<meta property\="article:published\_time"/>

⁠3. (optional) Add this to create Join button for your Telegram channel:

1<meta name\="telegram:channel" content\="@CHANNEL\_USERNAME"/>

⁠4. (optional) Also you can set up a preview by adding such tags:

1<meta property\="og:site\_name" content\="SITE\_NAME" />  
2<meta property\="og:description" content\="DESCRIPTION" />  
3<meta property\="og:image" content\="PREVIEW\_IMAGE\_URL" />  
4<meta name\="author" content\="AUTHOR\_NAME" />

Also, content of your page must be placed inside <article> tag.