2020 Recap

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So 2020 is finally over and as I look back on some of the things that happened in my life last year. I would say that it was a really hard year for everyone. And also I can say that 2020 was the most noteworthy year for me. Despite that, a lot of hardship did come in 2020 but I manage to overcome those and there are a lot of things I am still grateful for.

At the start of the year, it was just as if it were another year just passing by nothing too much was going on. When the lockdown was announced a lot of locals did panic. I myself who didn’t understand much of it was also a bit scared when the news of the covid19 pandemic started to spread throughout the Maldives. The lockdown had its downsides but luckily I was able to move to my home island just before the lockdown. And was away from Male. As the lockdown boredom kicked in I started to focus on the side-projects I had in mind since I had a bunch of free time. There were a lot of projects I wanted to try out but never started.

As I started to build my first project that year with a buddy of mine @dharis. I Quickly started to have a rhythm and I started putting in a lot of hours coding and working. Not because someone was asking me to do it. I was genuinely enjoying it and was one of the coolest experiences of my life. That was when we really kicked off Baraveli. The end of the year was when I had most of the fun. I got to travel with some of my friends and really enjoyed the start of 2021.

Joined Payer

On December 7th - 2020 was my first day at Payer. It’s now been a month. I can say that the projects are very exciting and I am improving a lot and learning new things along the way. by myself and also from the team.

Code Rythm Of 2020

One of the most favorite projects I did in 2020 was called Coronamv. I and a couple of friends started this project at the beginning of 2020. coronamv is a real-time dashboard that showed the covid19 information, data, and analytics in Dhivehi. And the second one for sure is karudhaas.

Here is some of the projects I did in 2020: Link | Github | Baraveli Github

There are other projects I haven’t listed as well but overall when I look back on the projects I did I can proudly say that I learned a lot of things last year and improved myself. Now I am working on a secret project with @dharis that we are planning to release very soon.

Looking ahead to 2021

This year one of my main goals is to start and run a sass app ideas that I have and also to contribute to open-source more. And also teach me a few more skills outside programming. Hope 2021 will bring joy and happiness to everyone 🥰