This is a timeline I made to keep track of what I have been learning experimenting with. Also to record the things I have accomplished so far.
There is more!! I will keep updating as soon as I get time for it. Also, I keep forgetting to update and the projects I did within that month 😅

December 2020:


This package automatically scopes the queries to a tenant. Listens for a created events and set the tenant_id automatically. Just a test package I made would not recommend using it

October 2020:


Dhivatar Laravel Blade Component

Dhivatar - PHP port

PHP port of phoenixatom Dhivatar package

September 2020:


BML Console for nerds 🧙‍♂️🔥. BML app as a console application.


Holo bank landing is a project I did for my css sunday challenge to design a mockup image from dribble into html using tailwindcss.

August 2020:


Karudhaas is a Web and mobile app that helps you Discover Stories, Daily news, and inspirations. All with one app.


Convert your BML receipt to text response. Written in Laravel,Vue and Tailwind


BML Transaction Receipt OCR based on Tesseract OCR.

BML Transactions

PHP Package for getting transactions from BML. (Experimental) This package wraps around the official BML Web API.

Clothe Shop

Online Clothe shop implementation built from scratch using Laravel and bootstrap.

July 2020:


Online Electronics shop built from scratch using Laravel and bootstrap. Built for a client.


Covid19 Dataset Scraper that scrapes data from https://covid19.health.gov.mv


Dhivehi Text labeling tool for easily create datasets for sentiment Analysis . Built with laravel and livewire. (Experimental Project).


Dhivehi publishing platform built by Laravel,Tailwind,Alpine JS and Livewire.

June 2020:

Grocery Product Aggregator

Grocery Product Aggregator written in PHP. From different vendors across the Maldives. The project currently on development.


Delivery Service Listing implementation written in AlpineJS and TailwindCSS.

Jobsicle API Client

PHP Wrapper Around Jobsicle API.


Demo Application for Baraveli Rss-Scraper. Written in FlightPHP and Tailwindcss.


Baraveli Airlines is an attempt to rebuild Fis.com.mv. Currently Work in progress. Built with Laravel,Tailwindcss and Livewire. Project is completely open source.

May 2020:


Online Grocery shop built from scratch using Laravel and bootstrap. Built for a client.


Baraveli shop is a implementation of an online shop written in bootstrap and laravel. (Including admin panel)

ISO-3166 PHP

Simple PHP Library I wrote to lookup information with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, ISO 3166-1 alpha-3, and ISO 3166-1 numeric.

April 2020:


Grab is an indexing CLI tool for WordPress API. Built with laravel Zero.

Coronamv Dashboard

Full Vue SPA dashboard built with laravel and vue to manage coronamv statistics and data.

Coronamv Op

Coronamv Op

Team Red MV

Interactive form to help teamredmv to queu blood donation appointments.



Coronamv Resources

A curated list of services offered by Maldivian companies to help with the COVID-19 crisis. Home Delivery, Free Services and more

Coronamv Resources

Coronamv Resources

March 2020:

Project dhandu

Project DhanduDashboard

Project DhanduDashboard

Project dhandu is a project I started recently to monitor a plant and also surrounding with sensors and also an automated watering system based on moisture level. And to bring everything together to a nice dashboard. The project is currently on development.

COVID 19 observer

COVID 19 observer is the PHP toolkit I wrote to fetch information,statistics, and time series about coronavirus outbreak. The project is opensource.

February 2020:

Jobsicle API Client

PHP API wrapper around jobsicle API to filter and get jobs.

Alexa Automation

Worked on amazon Alexa automation with nodemcu and amazon echo.


Coronamv is a site me and my buddies built to give pieces of information and analytics report on novel corona outbreak.



Baraveli site

Baraveli is an opensource organization founded by me and a buddy of mine. Baraveli mainly focuses on writing opensource software and we are based in the Maldives.




Scoop is an API wrapper for scraping. It can dynamically generate API end-point with scraping given a URL to scrape,XPath and an endpoint to generate it too. The project is still on beta. There are few bugs I need to fix.

Nodemcu automation

This is an idea I have been working on to make a realtime connection between an Arduino. In this case a NODEMCU to an API. Building a two-way communication with NODEMCU and an API. Project is still an idea and I am still researching and trying to understand few topics. Will start working on the project soon.

January 2020:

Launched baraveli lorem

Thaana lorem ipsum generator written in PHP. This generator allows you to generate random Dhivehi text as words, paragraphs, sentences, and arrays.

Launched baraveli Rss Scraper

Rss Scraper to scrap RSS feed from news websites. (Maldivian sites)

Dhivehi news Archiver

Dhivehi news Archiver is a cron and RSS based scraping engine for Dhivehi news site to scrap and archive or store news from the sites.