This is a timeline I made to keep track of what I have been learning experimenting with. Also to record the things I have accomplished so far.
There is more!! I will keep updating as soon as I get time for it. Also, I keep forgetting to update and the projects I did within that month 😅. This is my 2021 Timeline. Check the 2020 Timeline at link

April 2021


Worked On backend dashboard of the MFR Content management system. ( work done at kodefly )

March 2021


Write.mv is a Dhivehi first platform to write, share and spread your words online.

Experiment with tracking jobs pushed to queue in realtime

For this small experiment, I used livewire polls and the Eloquent model to track when a job is started and when a job is completed. How long the job took to finish can be calculated by finding the difference

February 2021


A command-line tool that can easily backup any files to telegram channels.

Blueheart API & Dashboard

Worked on blue heart API and some dashboard components. The project is done by the place I work called kodefly

Jazeera news database backup automation

Worked on a command-line tool for Jazeera news automated database backup to the telegram.

January 2021

Jazeera news migration

Worked on Jazeeranews migration project. It was a project to migrate a laravel database to a WordPress site. Was a tricky thing to do at first but I finally got around it and finished the project in late January. I might write an article about how I did it on my blog soon.

Karudhaas Updates

Worked on some karudhaas v1 updates that we at baraveli are trying to launch soon.

Laravel Query filters

A minimal approach to filtering eloquent models through query params

Maldives Gazette listing like UI design

English listing

English listing

dhivehi listing

dhivehi listing

This was a project I did for a friend. I had to design 3 pages for a website. This also involved having two separate languages. Dhivehi and English.

BML Transaction new release

Released a new version of baraveli bml transactions package. this version added the ability to have multi-account support. This feature was contributed by (Mohamed Hailam)

Payer projects

Start of this year I have been mostly working on projects at payer. And it's been really fun. I got to build an application that is related to invoices and payments. also got to work on building an API for a mobile application

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