Feeling burned out

Feeling burned out

These are tough times for everyone. Covid19 took the world by surprise and a lot of the countries weren't ready for it. Everyone is forced to stay at home. And with these came the mental health issues of feeling lonely or not being able to hang out with friends.

For the last few months, I have been feeling a bit burned out and lazy. I think every one of us had these kinda days in our life. I think that this feeling is due to my poor diet, lack of exercise, and the feeling of not being able to have a real conversation with someone (Not online). Since I spent almost every day at home not going outside. Even if I go out. The feeling's inside me keeps me from talking to other people.

All of this is getting better but slowly. I think it's really a good time for me to get out more often. And I feel like I am taking this chance for granted because some people don't have the luxury to go out of the house. Since I live in my home island now. We are allowed to go out for now.

Sometimes it's hard to manage full-time college, works at a job, and also take time to work on my personal projects. Most of the time I am constantly burned out to do anything afterward.

My sleep schedule hasn't been good either. Even tho I am not a fan of being a morning person but due to my current schedule's I think it the best choice for me even tho I am randomly falling asleep most of the time without real consistency.

I hope all of these will get better with time. And I am trying to improve all of these steps by step. So I can get more time for myself, away from all the hassle of life and all the worrying that comes with it.

For anyone who is going through difficult times these days. I wish you all the best and it does get better. Even sometimes the progress of getting better is slow. Learn to enjoy the little things in life.