Open source software

Here lists some open source software written by me.

Feel free to change or tinker around with the codes 😁


  • MoosunMv: A Simple Interface to interact with maldives Meteorology stations
  • Saturn: Saturn Parser is a composer package that extracts the bits that humans care about from any URL you give it.
  • sfddownloader: A php helper class to download files passed as a url
  • Slim Installer: Command-line Slim installation tool to install slim php framework easily
  • Velaa: A simple little framework i built while i was learning php and object oriented development. This was done as a personal project to improve my coding skills and among other things


  • python-bot: This is a bot that i wrote to fetch temperature data in maldives through maldives meteorology and openweather map.
  • Avas-scraper: Scraper to scrap news from


  • Smartbin: Automated trashbin i made few years ago for learning more about arduino and how it works. The repository contains the codes i have used to make the trashbin work.


  • Agent4426: Agent4426 is messenger bot i wrote few years back to learn more about interacting with the facebook sdk and a blast trying to learn how to do it. 😄
  • Vue-Translator: Cool Simple Translator i built using Vue.js
  • Cool mini chat app i built while i was experimenting with
  • basgaadiyaa: Dhivehi quote generator written in vuejs and express
  • Weather-Station Real-time weather station with arduino


  • Climax: C library that allows you to easily output colored text

Note: There is more but i haven’t got the time to push the codes yet. Will update this page later on.